Mindful-Ish Parenting

Mindful-Ish™ Parenting is a group coaching and parent education series for caregivers interested in mindful or conscious parenting. Mindful-Ish™ Parenting is not a set of rules for parents to follow but rather a framework for showing up and seeing our children. It is the foundation of positive discipline, healthy parent-child relationships, and family well-being. 

Accepting applications for June 2021 cohort




Learning how to relax and reset your nervous system so you can avoid losing it

Identifying your  child's difficulties so you can see their behavior differently

Handling what comes up so you don't fall back into old habits 

Reframing your thoughts so you can respond instead of react









Mindful-Ish™ Parenting is for all parents, and a must for parents with challenging children.

Your child does not respond to traditional discipline. 
Your child is not motivated by rewards. 
Your child does not care about punishments. 
You are at your wit’s end.


I’m devoted to helping parents become the best version of themselves in order to enjoy parenting and raise conscious, resilient human beings in our ever-changing world. 

hey there

I'm franny


Parenting Coach | Behavior Consultant | Social-Emotional Learning Specialist

My mission is to empower parents and teachers to feel calm, capable, and confident so they can problem-solve and create new possibilities with their children.

My vision is to create a world where a behaviorally challenging child’s misbehavior is an opportunity for adult and child growth. 

I am a parent, professional educator, and student of life. I've practiced Conscious Discipline® for over fifteen years and was a certified instructor for seven. In the summer of 2019, I became a Breathe for Change (B4C) Wellness Champion to support schools' and families' social and emotional well-being at an even deeper level by incorporating mindfulness into my work. 

so, what's included?

Parenting Education Classes - six online weekly class sessions (Please select the Tuesday or Thursday Group)

YOUR Roadmap to Mindful-Ish™ Parenting Trello Board - A visual platform to organize your digital learning assets and track your progress

First Response Coaching - A private WhatsApp Group where you can ask parenting and discipline questions throughout the program 

Bonus - Access to Mindful-Ish™ Breathwork Boot Camp (a self-directed 12-week program) ($197 value)

Bonus - Mindful-Ish™ Shift Journal as a fillable PDF ($97 value)

I am offering this next round to you for $997 (valued at $3,500). 
Payment plans are available.

let's make shift happen


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"Franny ran the group weekly and every time she imparted us with pertinent information that can be helpful in better raising our children. She has a way with her words that always left me feeling understood and supported. I highly recommend her to anyone who is encountering emotional or behavioral problems with their children, as she ALWAYS has a solution and the most perfect answer! Not only was she helpful in solving problems for my children but she helped me become a better person, mother, and wife as everything she taught us was applicable to all aspects of my life. Thank you, Franny!"
- Mandy F., Mother of 2, Aventura, FL

"When I started Franny's Mindful-Ish Parenting™ program I was in dire need to help my child. I had countless stories about poor behavior and disrespect. Name-calling, attitude, throwing objects, the list goes on and on. I wanted to do anything in my power to learn the best way to help my child and change these behaviors and stop the constant arguing back and forth and the meltdowns and exhaustion that would come afterward. I feel like this next sentence is like the big reveal on a makeover show....it’s not about your child or children, it’s about YOU. The biggest part of this program and the main take away for me is that I know it starts with me. I have the choice to stop and breathe. It doesn’t matter that I’m not the one with the “problem”. I may not be able to fix the problem either, but I now have the tools to work through it. I am so grateful to Coach Franny for taking me on this journey allowing me to learn and understand that it starts with me. I am now equipped (my husband too) to handle these situations. Today was not my best, but I have tomorrow."
- Mother of 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“My son was up to leave for school even though 10 minutes late. He decided today was the day he was done with school refusing to go and crying that he hates masks. I sat with him, hugged him, and told him how hard it must be to wear a mask all day at school. I then told him the masks are there to keep him safe so he can go to school and play with his friends. I gave him a choice of 2 masks to wear and he chose one and then we were able to leave and HAPPILY head to school.

I am celebrating Fran today. I cannot believe after this incredibly stressful awful morning I was able to keep my calm and help my kids find their calm through all the hiccups of this morning. I never lost it and I remained an in-control adult the entire morning. I am so proud of myself. 2 months ago this would NEVER have happened. I would have driven him to school crying, frazzled and raging myself. I am honestly amazed at my behavior today and I am so unbelievably proud of myself. My husband has been saying all along he's noticed real changes and seen the improvements and I have too but today was a profound realization for me. I am so grateful and appreciative for all Fran has taught me! I feel like I am finally a grown-up that is truly able to help parent myself and my children and am finally ready to be the role model they need thanks to the skills she has taught me." - Mother of 3, Westin, FL


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